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Do They Speak English in Moldova?

Do They Speak English in Moldova

Key Takeaways

Official Language of Moldova?Romanian
Is English Widely Spoken?Not primarily, but growing.
Percentage of English Speakers?Approx. 16% of population.
Most Common Context for English?Tourism, business, education


Moldova, a picturesque country nestled between Ukraine and Romania, is often a curiosity for many due to its rich history, vibrant culture, and its language profile. A common question that pops up is, “Do they speak English in Moldova?” Let’s delve into this question and uncover the linguistic landscape of this Eastern European gem.

Historical and Current Linguistic Landscape

Moldova has a diverse linguistic heritage. Historically, Moldova was a part of the Principality of Moldavia and later annexed by the Russian Empire and then the Soviet Union. As a result, it has seen an influx of various languages over the centuries.

Official Language

The official language of Moldova is Romanian (sometimes referred to as Moldovan in the context of Moldova). It is the primary language for government, media, and education. The majority of Moldova’s population speaks Romanian as their first language.

Linguistic Minorities

There are also significant communities of Russian, Gagauz, Bulgarian, and Ukrainian speakers in Moldova. Especially in the autonomous region of Gagauzia, Gagauz, a Turkic language, is predominantly spoken.

LanguagePercentage of Population
RomanianApprox. 75%
RussianApprox. 10%
GagauzApprox. 4.5%
UkrainianApprox. 3.5%
BulgarianApprox. 1.6%

The Rise of English in Moldova

While the linguistic legacy of Moldova is rich and varied, what about English? Here’s a closer look:

Education System

In recent years, there has been a significant push towards English education in Moldova. English is now:

  • A mandatory subject in schools from the primary level.
  • Taught in many private language institutions.
  • A popular choice for higher education and professional development.

Tourism and Business

Moldova’s burgeoning tourism sector and its aspiration to integrate more with the European community have also propelled the use of English. Tourist hotspots, international businesses, and diplomatic arenas often use English as a medium of communication.

Percentage of English Speakers

A conservative estimate would suggest that about 16% of Moldova’s population can converse in English to some degree. However, among the younger generation and professionals, this percentage is likely higher.

Age GroupEstimated Percentage of English Speakers
15-24 yearsApprox. 35%
25-34 yearsApprox. 25%
35 years & aboveApprox. 10%

Challenges and Opportunities

The Language Barrier

While the interest in English is growing, there’s still a significant portion of the population that doesn’t speak the language. Tourists and business professionals might encounter challenges in rural areas or among the older generation.

Expanding Opportunities

However, the rise of English in Moldova is a testament to the country’s changing dynamics. With more Moldovans learning English:

  • It opens doors for international business ventures.
  • It strengthens Moldova’s ties with the global community.
  • The younger generation finds more opportunities for study and work abroad.

Quick Tips for Travelers

If you’re planning a trip to Moldova and wondering about the language dynamics, here’s a quick list to guide you:

  1. Learn Basic Romanian Phrases: A few phrases can go a long way in making connections.
  2. Use Translation Apps: They can be lifesavers in situations where English isn’t understood.
  3. Stay in Major Cities for More English Speakers: Chisinau, the capital, has a higher percentage of English speakers than rural areas.
  4. Be Patient and Use Non-verbal Communication: Sometimes, a smile speaks louder than words!


While Moldova’s primary language is Romanian, the influence and importance of English are undeniable. The language is growing in popularity, especially among the younger generation, and in business and tourism sectors. So, while English isn’t the primary language spoken on the streets of Moldova, its presence is certainly felt and is on the rise.