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Do They Speak English in Cyprus?

Do They Speak English in Cyprus

Key Takeaways

Official Language of CyprusGreek and Turkish
English ProficiencyWidely spoken; especially in tourist areas and by younger generation
Reason for English ProficiencyBritish colonial history; education system; tourism industry
Other Spoken LanguagesRussian, Armenian, French, and German

The Historical Context

Before diving into the current linguistic landscape, it’s essential to understand Cyprus’ historical relationship with the English language. Cyprus was a British colony from 1878 to 1960. During this period, English governance, education, and administration had a lasting impact on the linguistic and cultural fabric of the island.

Official Languages

The official languages of Cyprus are Greek and Turkish. The majority of the population, which is ethnically Greek, speaks Greek. In the northern part of the island, which is occupied by Turkey since 1974, Turkish is the predominant language.

English Proficiency: A British Legacy

Thanks to its British colonial history, English remains a dominant second language in Cyprus. The Cypriots have embraced English in multiple sectors of society, particularly in education and business. Here’s a look at some of the domains where English plays a significant role:


English is a mandatory subject in Cypriot schools from a young age. Most students in Cyprus take English lessons from the primary to the secondary level, ensuring a high level of proficiency among the younger generation.


Cyprus is a popular tourist destination for English-speaking tourists, especially from the UK. This influx of tourists has necessitated the wide use of English, especially in the hospitality sector.


With Cyprus being a hub for international business, especially finance and real estate, English is often the language of choice for international transactions and communications.

SectorImportance of English
EducationMandatory subject; English-medium universities
TourismKey for communication with English-speaking tourists
BusinessDominant language for international business transactions

Other Popular Languages in Cyprus

Apart from English, several other languages are spoken in Cyprus due to historical ties, tourism, and expatriate communities:

  1. Russian: Due to a significant Russian expatriate community and investments.
  2. Armenian: There’s a historic Armenian community in Cyprus.
  3. French: Popular secondary language, especially in the education system.
  4. German: Spoken by some due to business ties and tourism.

The Everyday Experience

If you were to walk the streets of major Cypriot cities like Nicosia, Limassol, or Paphos, here’s what you might experience regarding language:

  • Signs and Menus: Most signs, especially in tourist areas, are in both Greek and English. Many menus, especially in tourist-frequented restaurants, will have English translations.
  • Conversations with Locals: Younger Cypriots will likely be fluent or at least conversational in English. Older generations might have varying levels of proficiency, but many will understand and speak basic English.
  • Media and Entertainment: English movies and shows are commonly aired with subtitles rather than being dubbed. Additionally, there are several English radio stations and newspapers available.


In conclusion, while Greek and Turkish are the official languages of Cyprus, English is widely spoken. The British colonial legacy, combined with the current educational system and tourism industry, ensures that English remains a significant language on the island. Whether you’re traveling, doing business, or just curious about the linguistic landscape, rest assured that in Cyprus, English is a language that bridges communities and cultures.